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Adding beet powder to your daily diet or before your workout routine can promote natural energy and lower your blood pressure. The convenience of using powder allows you to incorporate it into your everyday life by mixing it in a drink such as water, juice, or a smoothie and adding it to foods such oatmeal, yogurt, soups, pancakes and eggs for example. If you enjoy eating beets but don’t like the mess and clean up, beet powder is for you. If you want the health attributes of beets but don’t necessarily like the sweet beet flavor, mixing it in drinks or food can blend it and give it a masked flavor you may not notice. Start a healthy exciting diet today by adding LaJoie of The Earth Red Beet Powder!


For more than 5 generations the LaJoie family has produced vegetables on their family farm in Van Buren, Maine. Their beets are grown, small batch processed, and packaged at LaJoie Growers, LLC.


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